Benefits of StaffSmart

Intelligent Staff Allocation

StaffSmart uses intelligent logic to automatically assign staff to each event, based on availability as well as other criteria.

Mobile Staff Checkin/Out

At event locations, staff can use a unique code that was emailed to them to check in and out to accurately report the time they have worked.

Staff Payment Accuracy

Your company will no longer overpay staff for time they haven't actually worked, based on real-time checking in and out of the assigned event.

Detailed Reporting

Using StaffSmart, your company will have access to a variety of detailed reports that drill down into staff and event information.

Overtime Reduction

When staff is intelligently allocated to their assignments, the StaffSmart system considers those staff members that are not approaching overtime first. In addition, logic to prevent the breaking of labor laws is included to ensure the fairest pay structure for your staff and company. 

Real-Time Event Management

Your event captain will have access to the assigned staff list with the ability to check the staff in and out of work. In addition, all of this info is recorded in real-time so off-site management is possible. If an assigned staff member does not show up for work, the event captain has the ability to send out an alert to all other available staff, allowing for a quick and painless replacement.