Intelligent Staff Management Solution

The StaffSmart solution provides your company with an enterprise system ready to handle all of your staff management needs. We have taken years of lessons learned in the industry and are introducing new functionality that increase efficiency, provide detailed reports, and most of all save your company lots of money.

Top 5 Reasons why your company needs StaffSmart


Still using antiquated and disconnected systems?

The fact is that off-premise staffing has not yet caught up with the latest technology innovations. Using StaffSmart your company will no longer need printed lists, have the same check in/out time for every staff member, and be able to organize and track all your staffing needs.


Don't have accurate method of tracking staff and paying accurately?

Once you implement the StaffSmart solution, your staff members will check in and out based the actual times they arrived and left work. This will ensure that everyone is paid accurately, labor laws are complied with, and your company saves money in the process.


Paying too much overtime to some, while others don't work enough?

Using the StaffSmart intelligent staffing allocation process, all your positions are filled based on specific rules set and ensures that the staff is evenly distributed and overtime is avoided unless required.


Does your administrative staff spend too much time on tedious processes?

StaffSmart reduces all the tedious burden and automates as much of the staffing process as possible. Your administrative staff can now spend their time more productively and help monitor the actual events, improving your company's perception.


Does your company lack reporting and detailed statistics on your event staff?

With access to a multitude of reports, your company will be able to save money on insurance, unemployment benefits, and help manage the company in a more efficient and analytical manner.