Berg Glacier runs down the northern face of Mount Robson — the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies at 3,954 metres. Don’t know if there are really a thousand falls, but there are quite a few. This butterfly decided to hang out as we were packing up. The gentle wind is constantly whispering up the valley. Sadly the good lighting didn’t last long as clouds moved in. Iceberg Lake and Ptarmigan Tunnel share the same trailhead. Maybe I’ll plan another trip there next summer…, A University of British Columbia student club, Racing Glaciers: An Expedited Berg Lake Adventure. The weather at Mount Robson … The Berg Glacier cascades down the side of the mountain into the lake where it breaks off and forms icebergs. //-->, Earth Science Picture of the Day is a service of. There were still lots of fall colors to take in on the shores of Kinney Lake. The rain started again just after I left the campsite. I had finally returned to Kinney, with some time to spare. The aftermath of the glacier collapse. Length: 41.5 km Duration: 8-14 hours as a day hike. Mount Robson stands at 12,972 ft (3,954 m) and is the tallest peak in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.Its north face is carved by Berg Glacier, which flows into Berg Lake seen here in the foreground. We are at Berg Lake. Segment from THE WEST IS BIG! You’ll need to know your party size, age category of each member … A reminder of my favorite mountaineering quote from Gerry Roach: “Geologic time includes now.”. Luckily I checked the site again and struck gold a second time - a site had now opened up at Kinney Lake. From the moment I heard about this special mountain Shangri La I knew I had to visit. Tag: Berg Glacier The Berg Lake Trail, Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada (7-30-13) Mt. More lost time that would have to be made up. Sitting on the south edge of Berg Lake and having amazing views of Mt Robson, Mist Glacier and Berg Glacier, this campground is a favorite amongst hikers on the trail. 2-4 days as a multi day Elevation Gain: 800 meters; Difficulty: Difficult because of length; Best Time To Go: July – September Parking: Kinney Lake Road The beginning of the Berg Lake trailhead is only a short drive away from the Mount Robson visitor center and just 87 km away from the town of Jasper. The parks employee at the trail registration desk told them no – with it being the long weekend and blue skies in the forecast – there was no chance and she sent them elsewhere. First and foremost, the trail needs to be booked online here. It wasn’t very long before we arrived at the beautiful Kinney Lake, though there was still a ways to go to the campground. After a nice 45 minutes of lounging by the lake it was time to leave since I didn’t feel like navigating the chaotic trail detour in the dark. On the way back I had a chat with this friendly grouse. The slopes of Mount Robson on the final approach to Berg Lake. The hike back was mostly uneventful, save for a bit of fun wildlife on the trail. “Brep?” I said to it. Finally, the lake appeared in my view and soon I was at the shore. Seen here is the Berg Glacier, which calves small icebergs into Berg Lake. Note the drifting snow/ice just left of center. Berg Lake is situated 3½ km northwest of Berg Glacier. It was only a matter of feet before we caught our first glimpse of the Mist Glacier that clings to the western facing wall of Mount Robson. It begins in a red cedar rain forest, then climbs past a series of lakes and waterfalls, circling around the west side of the mountain to Berg Lake on its north side. As the final weekend of September approached and the trip grew near, a couple of things caused me to doubt the viability of the whole thing. ... the Berg Lake Trail is … The crown jewel in Mount Robson Provincial Park is Berg Lake itself, a turquoise-blue glacier lake where you can relax on the large lakeshore in solitude and even hear the Berg Glacier calving into the lake from your nearby tent. Eventually I came to the junction with a trail to Emperor Falls. This area offers outstanding views of Berg Lake, named for the icebergs commonly seen floating in the gorgeous blue water after having broken off from the Berg Glacier. I had made it to the lake under budget and ahead of schedule in a cool 3 hours of hiking from Kinney. Mount Robson, highest peak in the Canadian Rockies (3954m/12,972ft) towers above its neighbors. First, the weather looked absolutely terrible. Robson at 12,972 feet is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies (though not in all of Canada). The trail steepened a bit as it went up the valley, but overall the elevation change was barely noticeable thanks to the well-designed trail. After hiking around the lake (with a bit of seemingly unnecessary uphill) we arrived at the campground and found plenty of open tent sites. Berg Lake with glacier Mt Robson Provincial Park British Columbia Canada. I don’t remember how many campgrounds I passed, all I know is that it was a lot. The views from the campsite were alright I guess. Gettysburg, … The Berg Glacier feeds into Berg lake, which is located on the Robson River and within Mount Robson Provincial Park in the Canadian Rockies. Again, this was a good idea in theory but was immediately called into question in practice, as the trail markers led me on a confusing detour around a broken bridge. The trailhead is behind the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn in the Many The lake and glacier are at the doorstep of the north face of Mount Robson (3,954m/12,972ft) which is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. Second, my partner, Jessica, had severely injured her foot earlier in the summer and it was not healing quickly enough for her to make it the 20+ km to the lake. An impressive first sight onto Berg glacier. Download this Mount Robson Provincial Park Berg Lake Glacier British Columbia Canada photo now. I was happy to have time for a real meal before the sun set, then it was off to a well-deserved rest. The soothing blue waters of the Robson River calmed my worries about running out of daylight on my hike. I’ve heard of plenty of people doing Berg Lake in a day, but I’m a bit torn on whether I’d really recommend experiencing the area that way. Robson River framed by the wonderful fall colors. The trouble was, so did everyone else last summer. Berg Lake campsite is 21 km from the trailhead parking lot. This treck can be made as a one or multiple day hike. google_ad_slot = "7812802037"; Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Photo by Pamela Roth Located in Mount Robson Provincial Park along the eastern edge of B.C., the Berg Lake Trail is … Provided and copyright by: G. Donald Bain, University of California Berkeley I had much to reflect on as the trip came to a close. Hiking the berg lake trail around Mount Robson Glacier, in British Columbia Canada. All told it was less than 6 hours of hiking round trip from there, which was better than I had hoped. Crossing the Robson River one last time on a make-shift bridge from BC Parks. Hiking the berg lake trail around Mount Robson Glacier, in British Columbia Canada. Visitors often see ice break off or calve into the lake, which is partially fed by Berg Glacier. A backpacking journey on the gorgeous Berg Lake Trail in Canada's Mount Robson Provincial Park. Unfortunately things aren’t always so easy. Berg Lake Trail Map. ), you’ll want to put in directions to Ptarmigan Tunnel trailhead. Photo about person, female, rock, male, adventure, beautiful, hike - 126836814 /* Archives 200x200 */ Hargreaves Lake Route (1/2 day): From Marmot campsite near Berg Lake, this route climbs to Hargreaves Lake and Glacier.From the viewpoint, the trail continues and crosses the Toboggan Falls Route on course to the Mumm Basin. All reviews miles round trip bug repellent long hike surrounding mountains mile hike bear scat amazing hike hiking poles glacier np black beans lake grizzly trail scenery shoes sunscreen snow feet elevation pit incline waterfall. Marmot Campground is a great home base for many day hikes as it is only roughly 4km from the infamous day trips like Snowbirds Pass , Hargreaves Lake , and Mumm Basin . Photo about beautiful, person, background, backpack, adventure - 126836817 The Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park is one of the world's most dramatic alpine routes. None had filled up though, which was a bit surprising that late in the day. Fed by the massive Mist, Berg and Robson glaciers, visitors often see huge sections of ice break off or “calve” into the blue/green, silt-laden waters of Berg Lake. Full of beautiful. Thankfully, I didn’t have to find out – with barely enough signal outside of Jasper I checked the permit site one more time, and to my great surprise I found one single tent spot available at Berg Lake, on a weekend no less. Beyond Kinney Lake, the trail enters the Valley of a Thousand Falls. The Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park is one of the world's most dramatic alpine routes. In this segment we hike to Ice Berg Lake. However, it wasn’t that long until I was past the detour and able to cruise up the very well-built trail. Our experienced pilots are knowledgeable about the Mt. So I returned to a style of hiking that I hadn’t used in quite some time, which I guess could be described as speed hiking. “Brep” was the reply. I wondered briefly if I should join… But Berg Lake was calling and I had to answer. The Berg Glacier spilling into the lake After a bit of time, we arrived at the Berg Lake site with its renowned Hargreaves Shelter. Hargreaves Glacier Lookout. Berg Lake: a place of blue waters, roaring waterfalls, and glaciers reaching down from jagged peaks all the way to the water’s edge. Summary authors & editors: G. Donald Bain. It was time to scarf down a quick lunch and bid Jess adieu for the day – I had a big hike to complete and not a lot of time to do it. Berg Lake: a place of blue waters, roaring waterfalls, and glaciers reaching down from jagged peaks all the way to the water’s edge. We went back and forth like this before I asked the real question troubling my alpine-addled mind: “Is the natural state of the soul quiet or chaos?” “Neither,” said the wise mountain chicken, “it’s transient, shifting like water.” I left it at that, and brepped farewell before continuing on my way. The waves lap kindly and softly at my feet. The trailhead is located at the end of the street just behind the Berg Lake Visitor Centre. I soon remembered a conversation I had had several years ago with this crazy older dude on a backpack in the Grand Canyon: he had spent the previous night hiding from a storm under a rock outcropping (part of which had collapsed right next to him) and was now regaling me with stories of all the amazing places he had visited in his life. So I had unwittingly stumbled upon one of this dude’s recommended spots, which I thought was pretty cool. Follow the trail and you’ll soon round a corner that will open up with views of Berg Lake. Iceberg Lake is a popular hiking destination, and the trail that gets you there adds to the experience. I woke up quite late the next morning with a bit of soreness, but the 7 km left to the car didn’t seem all that daunting. Our first year we saw what happens when you don’t book ahead. google_ad_height = 200; Would we be potentially waking up to a foot of fresh snow at Berg? Travel Guides series DVD Blu-ray GLACIER: THE HIKER'S NATIONAL PARK. Mist Glacier is the first glacier that appears at eye-line when backpacking Berg Lake. Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies at 3954m (12,972ft), towers over Berg Lake. We started up the Berg Lake Trailhead, but didn’t have enough time to reach Berg Glacier. It begins in a red cedar rain forest, then climbs past a series of lakes and waterfalls, circling around the west side of the mountain to Berg Lake on its north side. So I made the reservation, and a few days later we found ourselves at the Mount Robson Visitor Centre, complete with a somewhat more favorable weather forecast. A bit of rain started to fall at Kinney Lake. As I checked my progress on the map I realized another cool thing about this area I was now exploring. The map called it the “Valley of a Thousand Falls,” which sounded familiar for some reason. I sit now at the shore of the lake, directly across from Berg Glacier. But I was determined to stick to the plan and make it to Berg so that we could sleep in the next day and have a leisurely hike out. Make memories that will last a lifetime with the “Berg Lake Drop” heli-tour! The trail ahead follows the flow of the Robson River upstream as it flows directly from the west. From the moment I heard about this special mountain Shangri La I knew I had to visit. After finally getting our “official” permit (still not sure what the point of that whole check-in process was), we hit the trail a bit later than I would have liked. We all looked just in time to see a huge chunk of ice fall off of a hanging glacier and crash down the slopes. It’s certainly worth the very short side trip: The sun came out right as I arrived at the falls. Would I be able to fit in a day hike on a weekday to beat the crowds without further pissing off my advisor back at UBC? If you’re using Google Maps (first, read this post on how to download offline maps and find other helpful road trip planner tools! The photo above showing majestic Mount Robson and Berg Glacier was taken on a hiking trip to Mount Robson Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada. Grand Canyon dude was right, it’s a cool place. Another of the Thousand Falls. Interact: var addthis_pub="usra";Share | Discuss on Facebook | Subscribe,

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